Serving in October

Murfreesboro Baptist Church
Deacon of the Month: Susan Alston
Opening the Church: Bruce Brown
Radio Ministry Sponsor:  Linda Hassell
Ushers:Raymond Benthall, Charlie Aycock, Lloyd Hill, Keith Reich
Caregivers:    Sept 30-Oct 13 Judy Clark; Oct 14-27 Diane Dixon; Oct 28-Nov 10 Gertrude Revelle
Communion: Charlie and Frances Cole
Worship Leaders:  Oct 7 open; Oct 14 Susan Alston; Oct 21 Dell Aycock; Oct 28 Sean Timmons
Children's Sermon: Oct 7 Brooke Reich; Oct 14 Lane Bass; Oct 21 Sean Timmons; Oct 28 Sarah Davis
Nursery Caregivers: Oct 7 Jen Place, Keith Reich, Pat Torres; Oct 14 Claire Revelle,Ed Snyder, Pat Torres; Oct 21 Gilbert Tinkham, Pat Torres; Oct 28 Susan White, Amber Anderson, Pat Torres
Sound System: Oct 7 Claire Revelle ; Oct 14 Will Revelle; Oct 21 Sean Timmons; Oct 28 Jimmy Boone
Acolytes: Oct 7 Elizabeth Brown; Oct 14 Molly Brown; Oct 21 Charlotte Cole; Oct 28 Ciera Cox 
Flowers: Oct 7 Doris Taylor; Oct 14 Raymond and Susan Benthall; Oct 21 Charlie and Dell Aycock; Oct 28 Wayne and Shirley Brown